10 Expensive Hobbies

I have an affordable hobby. It’s stamp collecting. However, there are plenty of pricey hobbies out there. Here are what I consider 10 of the most expensive hobbies.

1. Classic Cars

If you collect classic cars, you’re rich. That’s for sure.

2. Ballroom Dancing

This one may surprise you. Ballroom dancing as a hobby is expensive due to the lessons and the fancy clothes.

3. Ice Sculpting

It’s just ice, right? Wrong. Ice sculpting tools aren’t cheap.

4. Model Trains

You have to save your pennies if you want to collect model trains. They aren’t cheap.

5. Skydiving

If you’re crazy enough to enjoy jumping out of a plane, you’d better also have the money. Skydiving jumps and lessons run into the hundreds to thousands of dollars.

6. Art

Just like with car collecting, if you have a vast collection of art, chances are you’re rich.

7. Mountain Climbing

So you just pull yourself up a mountain right? Wrong. You’ll pay big bucks to legally climb some of the most famous mountains.

8. Poker

If you’re interested in high stakes poker, you don’t mind losing lots of money. More people lose than win.

9. Blackjack

Same as with Poker.

10. Antiques

Antiques cost big bucks. Sometimes you’ll catch a bargain, but not always.

So these are some of the 10 most expensive hobbies.

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