BoyFriend Catches GirlFriend Cheating on Video Look How He Revenge

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Spurned woman gets revenge on her cheating ex-boyfriend by posting a video of herself naked in bed with a new lover
Australian woman posts revenge video on sharing site
Clip shows her in bed with a dark-haired, tattooed lover, not her boyfriend
Woman, said to be Lyn Kent, tells her ex-boyfriend: ‘I cheated on you too!’
The clip has already been watched nearly 48,000 times

Revenge is a dish best served cold…or played out on social media.

At least that’s the view of a woman who has posted a clip on a video-sharing website accusing her ex-boyfriend of cheating and showing herself getting amorous with another man.

The short video, shows the blonde Australian woman from the country’s Gold Coast, calling out her ex-boyfriend for going with other women behind her back.

In the short clip, in which the woman and her heavily-inked beau appear naked in bed, she says her ex-partner ‘thinks it’s funny to cheat.’

Clearly enjoying the moment, she then brings the camera in closer to deliver the killer line: ‘Well, the joke’s on you mate, because I cheated on you too!’

The dark-haired man then rubs salt into the wound, leaning into the camera and chipping in, ‘I took your b****’.
The misogynistic language doesn’t seem to bother the young woman, who promptly moves in for a kiss as her lover tenderly holds her face. The clip then draws to a close.
With rap music playing in the background and surrounded by floral pillows, the couple seem happy to be sharing their moment with the world.
The deliberately in flagrante video has already been viewed 48,000 times.



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