Check Out 10 Of The Most Expensive Apartments In The World

It’s not millionaires that live in the most expensive apartments in the world, it’s billionaires. Imagine the lifestyle and luxury involved with these sophisticated pads of the rich and famous. While these aren’t home dwellings, you wouldn’t know it when it comes to penthouse apartments that dwarf what many people consider a home.

It can get you daydreaming when you look at 10 of the most expensive apartments in the world. But, where are they located? Starting at the bottom, #10 is in New York at 56 Leonard, and, at 5,200 square feet, is valued at 47 million. #9 is also listed at 47 million, and it is in Singapore. The square footage in Singapore is quite different than what was offered in New York for that price, however, as you get over 21,000 square feet!

The apartment that comes in at #8 is in Hong Kong and listed at 60 million. It is the Opus Apartment Penthouse, and you get a little over 5,400 square feet there. There are 12 floors to this building, and each apartment is its own floor. At #7, London’s South Bank Tower Penthouse comes in at 90 million. This penthouse has a great view of the London Eye.

At #6, the Park Avenue Penthouse in New York can be yours for a mere 95 million dollars. Now, you’re getting into the really big money. What city is host to #5? The Penthouse at City Spire in New York is the first to break the 100 million mark, and it is #5.

At #4, New York makes the list once again with its Winter Garden Penthouse at 115 million dollars. At #3, it’s the Pierre Hotel Penthouse at 125 million, but for #2, it goes back to London with the Hyde Park Penthouse and a huge jump in price at 237 million!

With the price nearing a quarter of a billion dollars for #2, what is going to be #1? #1 is the Sky Penthouse in the Odeon Tower in Monaco, and the price tag on this pad is a whopping 400 million dollars!

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