Top 10 Cheap Cities To Call Home

Top 10 Cheap Cities To Call Home

With everything getting more and more expensive, it gets difficult for many people to make a living these days. It makes sense for some people to make an assessment of where they’re living and look to possible alternatives among the top 10 cheap cities to call home in the United States.

So what are they?

You might be surprised at the current findings. Counting down from 10 to 1, Augusta, Georgia comes in at #10. The state of Texas carries the next two cities at #9 Temple, Texas and #8 Wichita Falls, Texas. Jonesboro, Arkansas is #8 and Youngstown, Ohio is #7.

While some of these cities might be surprising to you, especially with Texas cities making the list, one trend is definite so far. While Ohio is not a southern state, it’s not necessarily considered to be a northern state either. It falls in the middle, and so far all the cities are pretty much in southern states.

Is there are city for those northerners?

Idaho Falls, Idaho comes in at #5, so there you go. It’s back to the south for #4, with Memphis, Tennessee making the list. Then, it’s Norman, Oklahoma at #3. What about the west?

At #2, the awesome city of Pueblo, Colorado makes the list. But, who is #1?

The top cheap city in the US to call home takes you right back to Texas, which again is rather surprising. Harlingen, Texas is the cheapest city to live.

Reports have come out recently about rent increases everywhere beating out wage increases. This is nothing new, but it’s starting to get really bad. If you are struggling, or if you wish to relocate to a cheaper place to live, consider one of these top 10 cheap cities in the US to call home.

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